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WHU Email £1.99

Get your very own WHU email account today


The Cost And Why…

An individual or address subscription costs £1.99 per year.

These are fully fledged email accounts from this domain and the domain. Not some data harvesting setup and never ad supported. Unlike Google and other “free” accounts we won’t sell you as a product to advertisers.

Accessible From Anywhere

As well as iMAP & POP3 email from all your devices these accounts are also ‘web-based’ meaning all you have to do is be able to get on to any browser connected to the internet to be able to access your email from anywhere in the world.

Click on the link above or scroll down the page to the ‘login link’ to your settings panel and from there you can login to your webmail service.

Stand Out Amongst Friends

Be prepaired to answer lots of questions from your friends when they see your new West Ham email address. These .email domains are brand new and these particular ones are the only ones open for West Ham fans to show their allegiance.

Of course you could stop all the questions by gifting an address to friends or family members. Just fill in their details and they will get the temporary password and link to set up their account in private.

Already Have An Account?

Be Yourself

Isn’t that some of the best advice ever to be given? Well the same thing applies to an email address… Grab yours before someone else does.


Whether you prefer “” or “” we’ve got you covered. Why not treat family or friends to one at the same time?

Wherever You Go

You will be able to send & receive to & from your mobile device. Our Support Team are on hand to guide you through setting your device up should you need it.

Settings Panel

Each email address has one. From there you will be able to change passwords, set Auto-Responders, apply filters and much much more besides.

West Ham Email Addresses Just Got Personal

Annual Subscriptions

Your Details


Your Annual Subscription Requirements




Set Up Your Account On Your Smart Device

Use our easy to follow tutorial to set up your new email account.



Account Settings Panels

Contact Support

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